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The Blues Of Freeborn Women​

Noya Sol brings to life the original, early 20th century women's Blues:

This is the Blues that emerged as the expression of black women who, for the first time in history, found themselves free – a legal, financial and sexual freedom.

And the full meaning of freedom includes also the realization that freedom does not take care of you – it only allows you to take care of yourself, as best you can.

The discrepancy between hopes and reality gave rise to a new type of music: powerful, bold, beautiful, unabashedly horny and forthcoming about all aspects of life, both good and sad.

Noya's Sin Burlesque


Noya presents a hypnotic show containing original English songs with a humorous erotic presentation in the spirit of the original burlesque,

with nods and winks to the film "Burlesque" and inspired by the famous Paris


cabaret. Love, sex, kicking commentary about feminism, chauvinism and the society in which we live, Noya's Sin Burlesque combines beautiful, bold and sensuous presentation , and rich and varied backdrops.

Noya's Sin Burlesque

Noya's Sin Burlesque

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